Designed in USA

Research, development and preproduction of ANET products have all been prepared in the US. Correlation Engine and Big Data infrastructure designed in the US

All ANET development in Turkey is owned by ANET INC. US. The developing company employs ISO certified quality standards.

Our products are rigorously tested by ANET INC. US engineers, both in the US and Turkey sites

Expect More, Pay Less!

Automate the monitoring process for resource-constrained security pros with SureLog software. 

Security pros can’t stop what they can’t see. But without the people to actively monitor security activity, visibility is limited. SureLog was specifically designed to address the monitoring needs of small security staffs. SureLog delivers increased security visibility and reduced time-to-respond duration without needing additional headcount. 



Hundreds of supported data sources plus embedded file integrity monitoring delivers rich information for intelligent monitoring




Over 700 expert-developed rules churn through data in real-time to pinpoint potential security incidents





Active response can be configured to automatically quarantine, block, or temporarily disable suspicious activity



Intuitive dashboards for event and log analysis plus rapid search enable security pros to quickly assess incidents



Built-in intelligence across networks, applications, and security speeds up root cause analysis




Simplify IT Compliance and Regulatory Audit with SureLog

SureLog enables you to effectively manage the impact of compliance risk on your organization. Clients can track regulatory change, manage associated policies and controls. 

An effective monitoring program implemented with SureLog addresses compliance gaps, demonstrates risk management, and automates compliance reporting

Compliance audits are quickly evolving from checklist-based to risk-based. To address this increased scrutiny, organizations must demonstrate a strong security focus while at the same time address time-consuming compliance reporting requirements. SureLog helps regulated organizations get the reporting automation they need while providing an all-in-one event and log monitoring, investigation, and incident-response system that supports risk-based monitoring.



Manage the Cost of Security Operations while Improving Effectiveness

Whether you already have a SIEM that is consuming your budget and resources or you are drowning in manual, ineffective security processes, SureLog delivers solid ROI through affordability, automation, and improved security.

It’s no secret that many SIEM implementations are considered money pits. High license costs, overall complexity, and the need for constant care and feeding have made many organizations who desperately need SIEM benefits give up on it as a solution. SureLog drastically reduces the costs of SIEM while providing greater value to resource-constrained security pros. By eliminating the development of large enterprise features that are seldom used and focusing on those that improve operations, SureLog is offered at a very affordable license, maintenance, and operational cost.

All-in-one simple licensing model starting at US$ 4,995—licensing is typically less than enterprise SIEM maintenance costs

Includes traditional SIEM capabilities plus embedded log management, file integrity monitoring, active response, policy-based USB blocking, and SQL database monitoring

Our focus on usability and deployment means no additional consulting, training, or headcount required

In-Memory Event Correlation 

Access to true real-time log and event correlation by processing log data before it is written to the database, enabling you to immediately respond to security threats and vital network issues with SureLog event correlation feature.

Event correlation is key to an effective SIEM solution. But, not all correlation engines are built equally. With SureLog, you get true, real-time in-memory event correlation to instantly detect and mitigate threats. SureLog is a log analysis tool which provides immediate incident awareness and actionable intelligence so you can respond to vital issues at network speed.

SureLog’s real-time analysis means you’re able to instantly take action to contain a threat or thwart an attack. Moreover, SureLog  provides automated, active responses for hands-free threat mitigation, so you can safeguard your network 24x7.

SureLog enables you to effectively troubleshoot both security and operational issues—be it a data breach or a network performance problem—by understanding the relationship between different activities using multiple event correlations. For instance, an unauthorized application gets installed then a significant increase in FTP traffic is seen going in and out of that system.

SureLog also has the unique ability to set independent thresholds for activity per event, or group of events. By combining SureLog’s powerful correlation and thresholding abilities, you get security intelligence you can count on and reduce false positives.

And, with over 300 built-in event correlation rules and easy-to-understand categorization, SureLog delivers visibility and control right out of the box. Correlation’s library of configurable pre-built rules, along with the ability to create advanced rules with easy rule editor, means you can say goodbye to writing complex scripts to correlate events—eliminating hours of work for you.

Get the Fastest EPS Performance on the Market

A security information and event management application is only as good as the amount of information it can process in real-time. SureLog gives you the fastest events per second (EPS) logging available today, so you can identify threats  as they occur.

Fast EPS performance is also critical to maintaining compliance with ISO 9002 standards as well as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and other federal regulations for online security. Your data will stay safe, you'll be protected from liability, and you'll be ready for surprise audits whenever they occur

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